Still Evolving

Judy profile pic 2010
NYC-Bronx Zoo – April 10, 2010

In 2005 I found myself sitting at cubicle on the 33rd floor of a sky scraper in NYC feeling miserable and in pain. Not only was I burnt out from 17 1/2 years of doing the same line of work but the hours of sitting in an office in front of a computer was starting to take its toll on my body. After numerous doctor visits, physical therapies and lots of ibuprofen I found myself at a yoga studio on the North Sore of Staten Island called Shakti.

My journey into yoga was at first about fixing my physical problems. As time went by, I started to immerse myself in this practice and the awareness of body and mind grew. Not only was the pain coming from the years of sitting at my job but from past and childhood experiences that have stayed with me and had caused suffering.

After 9/11 things really started to awaken within me. What was my purpose in life? Is this all that there is? How quickly life can change and why do we worry about such trivial things? Everything in my whole being was screaming “its time for a change”. At the same time, NYC started to become a different place. It no longer felt like the place I knew and loved as a child. Gentrification was accelerating, it was no longer affordable. Everyday trips to work meant riding with police officers with rifles and security dogs. Some people may find this comforting but I found it unsettling.

In 2014 my husband and I decided to move sell/donate most of our possessions and move to Costa Rica and I left my career as a Senior Project Manager after almost 18 years with Reuters. We were looking to simplify our lives and find passion in life again.
We soon figured out that CR was not for us after a 3 month stay and made our way back to the US by way of Vermont. While CR never really felt like home, VT sure made us feel welcome and at home.

I continued to follow my passion and became a certified Yoga Instructor in July 2015 and founded Up The Hill Yoga in West Townshend, VT. Teaching and running a yoga studio has been an amazing experience learning so much about myself, people and running a business. It has allowed me to grow as a person and as a teacher and to learn how much healing is needed in this new world we live in. I realize love working with people and sharing the yoga philosophy that has helped me heal physically, mentally and spiritually. I also got reacquainted and found joy sharing my Puerto Rican heritage and started the Latin Dance Party classes teaching basic salsa dance moves while having fun with my students.

Vermont July 28, 2017 at Up the Hill Yoga

We have lived in VT now for 3 years and have met some amazing people, learned a lot of about growing our own food, sustainability and living independently and even though there are lots of things we love about Vermont, our journey is leading us elsewhere. We are urban people by heart, the winters in VT are too long and we have not been able to come to terms with New England country living.

I’ve enjoyed sharing the practice that has helped me so much with others. I’m humble and grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga to my rural community here in VT. I will take this experience with me where ever I go.

Still evolving and ready for the next adventure in Spain!


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