Learning To Be A Student Again

Friday, September 29, 2017

I took a yoga class today with Carlos Rui Ferreira from CPYoga in Lisbon, Portugal. My first time taking a class outside of the USA and after a year and a half of teaching and running my own yoga studio in Vermont. As my body ached and I found myself struggling through parts of the class, it made me realize how much I had been compromising my own yoga practice for some time. For almost 2 years I had focused solely in teaching and running the studio while fitting a half hour to an hour practice here and there a couple of days a week. I had also been nursing numerous injuries which created a level of fear and I found myself shortening and avoiding some poses.

The yoga class at CPYoga reminded me how much I enjoyed taking a class from another experienced teacher.  Carlos Rui Ferreira started his Hatha Yoga practice in 1977 and has been teaching since 1985,   He has trained in various yoga traditions which included attending the Iyengar institute in Pune, India. Not only was his class physically challenging but it was also conducted in Portuguese which is not a language I’m familiar with.  Talk about a challenge! It did help that the Sanskrit words are all the same no matter the language. The irony of it all is that I did not feel any of my injuries after the class, I felt reinvigorated and ready to reignite my practice again.

I really enjoyed being a student again and learning something totally new about this practice that has nourished and guided me for so long. It reminded me that I need to make time for my practice and find balance in every day life. I’m looking forward to my next stop on the yoga trail. #Lisbonyoga #cpyoga #judyharriganyoga #Portugueseyoga

Thank Carlos Rui Ferreira for a great class.

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