Benefits of Yoga

Most people know that yoga helps with flexibility, burns calories and tones muscles but it is also a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening, stretching, breathing and meditation. Not only does a regular yoga practice benefit you while you’re on the mat but it also continues to work off the mat. Yoga is for everybody no matter the age, background, gender, body type or disability.

Here are some of those benefits just to name is few:

Spine health

Relieves stress and anxiety

Improves posture

Helps to balance parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system

Heart Rate

Blood circulation

Blood Pressure

Brain Function

Lower Cortisol Stress Hormones

Improves the Immune System


Detoxifies the body

Prevents Injuries

Supports joint and bone health

Helps with the Lymphatic System

Helps with Sleep Disorders

Helps with focus and concentration

Increases Lung Capacity

Prevent and improve digestive disorders

Slows down the aging process




Prevents back pain

Mental health e.g. PTSD

Increases self-esteem and gives you inner strength

Increases awareness of body-mind connection