manhattan-407703_1280Still Evolving

After 9/11 things really started to awaken within me. What was my purpose in life? Is this all that there is? How quickly life can change and why do we worry about such trivial things? Everything in my whole being was screaming “its time for a change”. At the same time, NYC started to become a different place. It no longer felt like the place I knew and loved as a child. Gentrification was accelerating, it was no longer affordable. Everyday trips to work meant riding with police officers with rifles and security dogs. Some people may find this comforting but I found it unsettling……………

What Vermont Meant to me

Blog pic house viewVermont was a place for my husband and I to land and regroup after what felt like a failed attempt to relocate to Costa Rica. We came to Vermont sight unseen. All we knew about VT was what we had researched online from Costa Rica. We knew we would still have access to nature but without all the poisonous snakes and scorpions that came with living in a tropical climate Access to local farmers and organic food where we can have confidence where our food was coming from. We knew there was a big movement around sustainability and learning to live in a post-fossil fuel world. No big corporate presence nor any road sign advertisement, no Walmart culture and we aligned with VT’s political views. It ticked a lot of the items on our list of requirements for a new locale…………continue reading

IMG_20170929_140821110.jpgLearning To Be A Student Again

I took a yoga class today with Carlos Rui Ferreira from CPYoga in Lisbon, Portugal. My first time taking a class outside of the USA and after a year and a half of teaching and running my own yoga studio in Vermont. As my body ached and I found myself struggling through parts of the class, it made me realize how much I had been compromising my own yoga practice for some time. For almost 2 years I had focused solely in teaching and running the studio while fitting a half hour to an hour practice here and there a couple of days a week. I had also been nursing numerous injuries which created a level of fear and I found myself shortening and avoiding some poses……..continue reading

IMG_20171001_115645546.jpgRambling Through Portugal and Spain

Our travels this time around has taken us to Portugal and Spain. We decided to make a couple of stops along the way before arriving to what we planned would be our final destination, Valencia, Spain. We flew into Lisbon, Portugal where we rented a car and drove to our first stop in Sintra.