Horário das aulas de yoga:
Rua Eça de Queirós, Vila do Conde

Terça feira – 9:00 (60min)
Quarta feira – 12:00 (60min), 19:00h (75min)
Quinta feira – 13:00 (60min), 18:30h (75min)
Sexta feira – 11:00h (60min)
Sábado – 10:00h (75min)

I’m honored to offer yoga and meditation sessions in these difficult times. The sessions can range from a vigorous Vinyasa flow to a gentle or Restorative practice depending on your needs. I can also incorporate Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.  ALL Levels Welcome: Students of any age, background or physical ability.

Other Services:

  1. One to One or Group Private sessions tailored for your specific needs.
  2. Team Building – Yoga and Meditation can be a great tool to relieving stress and anxiety and avoiding office related injuries in the work place. It can also be used as a team building tool for problem solving, build employee morale, promoting better physical and mental health. I’ve worked with companies including Converse and Collette Tours.

Please contact me with any questions or request:

Judy Harrigan

Porto, Portugal 351 915 686 516

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