I’m honored to offer yoga and meditation sessions in these difficult times. The sessions can range from a vigorous Vinyasa flow to a gentle or Restorative practice depending on your needs. I can also incorporate Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.  ALL Levels Welcome: Students of any age, background or physical ability.


One to One or Group Private sessions tailored for your specific needs.

Team Building

Team Building – Yoga and Meditation can be a great tool to relieving stress and anxiety and avoiding office related injuries in the work place. It can also be used as a team building tool for problem solving, build employee morale, promoting better physical and mental health. I’ve worked with companies including Converse and Collette Tours.


Yoga in Action

With the global economy in chaos and the environment of the planet at risk, with war raging and suffering escalating, it is time for each of us in our own lives to take the leap for change. Today we live in a world where there is so much pain and suffering. We are destroying our environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. The injustice against people of color, low income and the poor continues to grow while our politicians, governments and corporations create more fear in us and divide us and pit us against each other. Everything we read and see on TV feeds into the already anxious and stressful world we live in.  We’ve become fearful and angry with our family, friends and the community. We numb ourselves by self medicating and over consuming. The use of technology exacerbates an already anxious, depressed and loneliness encouraging separation from each other and from nature.

The real work starts here and now!

We can only overcome these challenges through commitment to the deeper work that we know inside our hearts is fundamental to our growth and transformation. This workshop is an opportunity to dive deeper into our yoga practice and start the process of healing our past and awaken to our true potential. How do we move from the old story of shame, fear, and competition and move into a new story based on compassion, inclusiveness and cooperation. ALL Levels, backgrounds and anyone interested in change are welcome.

As Pema Khandro Rinpoche said “We must act now. We’ve been born into a world that is in dire need of our help. We must be willing to do our best just as we are, wherever we find ourselves on this path of awakening. Our world needs us now. Other beings need our best efforts. The purpose of our life is to wake up, show up, and heed the call.

Yoga and Drumming

Coming soon!

Please contact me with any questions or request:

Judy Harrigan

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