Meredith Perry 2016-07-7

SUBJECT: Restorative Yoga Class June 26 2016

What did you think of the class?  “It was GREAT….I felt reborn.

Because I haven’t done all that much Yoga I thought that I probably wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the poses of the Restorative Yoga Session I signed up for. My strategy was to NOT do anything that didn’t seem right and to focus on breathing and just relaxing and, well, experiencing Judy Harrigan’s Yoga Studio. The location, by the way, is in a beautiful spot and so peaceful. A few of the poses I didn’t even want to try but for the poses I needed advice on I signaled to Judy or she noticed that I needed assistance and helped me find an alternative pose. I found it very reassuring how much she stressed that we shouldn’t do anything we didn’t feel comfortable with. I did feel somewhat “reborn” after this Restorative Yoga Session….very relaxed yet alert, such an “aligned” feeling in my back and hips. I really liked the fact that it was 2 hours long. Sometimes it takes that long to really really relax and restore?”

Location: Williamsville, VT