Vermont Sisterhood Circle Gathering


Saturday, June 24, 2017 – 7pm – 8:30pm

I’ve decided to join a Global Network of thousands of women in over 1,000 locations around the world to gather in a circle to connect, uplift, and transform together. The gatherings will take place each month on the New Moon with a New theme and Intention every month. “Transforming ourselves we transform the world.” Unify Global Sisterhood:

The intention for this group is to share support, tools, and inspiration for being in Sacred Sisterhood with other women, transforming jealousy, competition, comparison, shame, unworthiness, exclusivity, gossip and drama into connection, trust, respect, inspiration, creativity, support, upliftment, and empowerment

Each new moon cycle the Global Sisterhood explores a new potent theme to study, discuss, and integrate into our lives. This sacred space can be used as a safe place to explore the theme of the month together, so we can collectively learn and evolve together.

Together let’s activate the wisdom and strength of the Divine Feminine and change the world.

This group celebrates diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and honors our interdependent existence, together we transform and empower in a sacred space of mutual respect, confidentiality of any personal shares, and clear focus.

Class Rate: Cost: FREE

Location: Up the Hill Yoga Studio, 254 Lawrence Dr., West Townshend, VT

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start time.  We will begin promptly at 7pm.

ATTIRE: please wear comfortable clothing, yoga, dance, flowy, etc. we will take the time to move, stretch, rest, and some times dance.

WHAT TO BRING: bring a journal or something to write on and cushion/pillow or a blanket if you have an extra one. If not, we should have something for you in at the studio.

At this time, no children or infants please, this time is for you to be present with YOURSELF and the other women.

Global Sisterhood Circle List of Agreements below: scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Registration is appreciated: 

List of Agreements
All sisters will agree that nothing other women share during the circle
will be shared outside of the circle. If you are inspired by another woman’s story,
please ask the woman first whether you can share that story anonymously or with
her name outside of the circle.
– You are invited to be in your own experience, letting go of any caretaking or
fixing inclinations that may arise when a woman is sharing. This means no advice
giving or commenting. Give your sister the opportunity to speak and be heard.
– Please ask for permission before touching another woman (hugs or in any other
way )
Language and Sharing:
– Please share succinctly, one person at a time.
– No commenting or replying to another woman’s share.
– Please do not refer back to that which has already been said by someone in a
group (example: “I just wanted to agree with Mary…”).
– This is a no-sorry zone. Here we practice no longer apologizing, offering
justifications, or explanations for who we are, how we feel, or what we think. If
you catch yourself saying “I’m sorry” you can say “oops!” instead.
– To create a circle that honors our different experiences, you are invited to
speak with “I” statements to share your truth rather than “We” statements that can
be generalizations. Example: “We often get overwhelmed with life” to “I often get
overwhelmed” Together we can support each other in having greater authenticity
and clarity in our speaking.
– Let’s listen with respect, compassion, and curiosity.
Emotions are natural and beautiful, you are invited to welcome and feel whatever
arises for you during our circle.
Your tears are sacred and embraced in this space.
If uncomfortable feelings arise, know they are a natural part of the transformation
This is a judgment-free zone, you are invited to practice self-acceptance and
acceptance of others.
Please say your name every time before you speak so we can all get to know each
Together let’s encourage and welcome diverse points of view.
No taking photos or using cell-phones during the circle. (Let them know there will
be an optional group photo afterwards if you are choosing to do that.)
If you feel you need to leave the circle at anytime please wait until a woman has
stopped speaking and raise your hand so we can give you a moment to share your
reason for leaving the sacred space.
Unify Global Sisterhood: